The Least of These With the Most

I recently volunteered to lead worship for the homeless in downtown Dallas. This came about because recently I have had the desire to actually do something without anyone telling me or persuading me, or the assistance of any organized thing. The great commission simply says go. And as Christians we are told to do, to serve, and to love, especially the least of these.

I was first caught with a special burden for the homeless when I was walking in downtown Dallas from my school to Starbucks. I walked right by a homeless man sleeping on the steps of our chapel. I've seen homeless people before, but for some reason the picture of that man laying there alone and almost lifeless got to me that day. There I was with my Starbucks talking on my cell phone walking past this man who had nothing. I wondered what his life was like, who loves him, who he loves, what he does, what he cares about, and why he now finds himself sleeping on these steps in the middle of the afternoon.

Shortly after is when I discovered this opportunity at the Dallas Life Foundation. So I took it. I was a very strange experience, but a good one. I was brought way out of my comfort zone on many different levels. For one, I was alone. I don't usually sign up for stuff all by myself to go somewhere I've never been and do something I've never done. Also, I had no idea what to expect or what to do when I got there. But long story short, I was blessed to have been there. The first song I lead was "Blessed Be Your Name." I can't tell you in words how great it was to see a room full of people who had next to nothing singing so loud about the goodness of God, about suffering, and that even though God gives and takes away, He is still blessed and worthy and good. Then later about how Jesus paid their debt on the cross, and the about the vast greatness of God. At the end, there were 5-7 people who came down to see who this Jesus was, and what He did for them on the cross. And to talk and interact with these people was great. I wish I could have done it more. They were some of the best encouragers I've met and they probably don't even know it. Bottom line is, God works when we are obedient. Although it was hard and awkward at times, I was thankful to have had that kind of experience. Hopefully it will happen again.