My goal in this ministry is simply to point others the the glorious riches of a God who loves us, redeems us, and saves us, and allow people to respond to Him.  I believe worship is a response with the entirety of our lives to all of who God is and what He has done, and I believe a worship leader leads people to this response on and off a stage, with or without music.  While music is an obvious part of what I do, it is my hope that so much more will come from a worship ministry than great music, a great band, or even great experiences.  It's relationships and life change.  It's the hope we have in Jesus.  Without recognizing our need for Jesus, His power, grace, mercy, we cannot worship Him for who he truly is.  Music was created for this purpose, and I have a passion to see it utilized in excellence to point people to the only One who needs to be pointed to.  

I've been leading worship for 12 years both around the globe and in the local Church, and am beyond blessed and thrilled to do it.  If you have a need for a worship leader for any event, I would love to opportunity to serve you and your ministry in that way.  Simply contact me here if you have a need or just want to learn more about what I do, and also find more thoughts and theology on worship in the Response section.

“The first time I heard about Craig I was very impressed with his reputation. Most worship leaders I have seen or heard seemed to be focused on their personal career more than actually leading people to the throne room of God.  What I was told about Craig was confirmed in how he lead worship. He is a guy driven by passion and love for music that glorifies Jesus Christ above all else. He is a humble guy not bent on receiving accolades, praise, or popularity but simply wants the people he is leading in worship to experience Christ more through the lifting up of their voices to the King. His skills and enthusiasm are intertwined with his heart to worship. After inviting him several times to come and lead worship he has become a very close and dear friend to me and I never need to doubt his integrity or his character because he lives for Christ in every aspect of his life.”

Rick Emerson, Student Minister, Tulsa, OK

"Over the years that I've seen Craig come into his own as a worship leader, his ability to lead with sincerity has become his trademark within our group.  Anyone can lead music, but Craig reminds us of the pure joy in worshiping, the pure beauty in introspection, and the pure truth of the God we worship. It's always a joy to serve with him."

Eric Farmer, Youth Pastor, Hong Kong

I love Craig and you will too!  Craig is not just a musician—He is a worship leader.  I have been in Student ministry for over 15 years and I have been to and spoken at camps, retreats and conferences all over the country.  I have encountered a lot of great musicians… but very few worship leaders.  Craig is a worship leader!  Craig understands the power of leading people and he has the ability to create an atmosphere of excitement and passion that is contagious and worship takes place.”

Donnie Smith, Pastor, Austin, TX

"Our ministry has been blessed to work with Craig over the last 10 years. His ability as a musician and vocalist is top notch. However, his love for Jesus is what really impresses me. The way Craig leads is clearly an overflow of what the Lord is doing in his life. From the preparation he puts into each set, to the way he takes time to truly pastor those he is leading, Craig relentlessly fights to create a worship environment that is focused solely on Christ. It has been a blessing to partner with Craig over the years, and I look forward to continuing work with him."

Ian Rock, Pastor, Phoenix, AZ

"Craig Rigney is one of the most humble and gifted worship leaders you'll find.  In a day of gaudy worship presentations and entertainment driven worship atmospheres, Craig offers something uniquely different: A humble approach to worship that drives others to look first at God and not all the stuff.  In the current worship climate, this is a rare thing."

Steve Hayes, Pastor, Corsicana, TX

"I worked very closely with Craig and I can honestly say that I hope I will be able to work with him forever. Ever since I first met him and learned his vision of worship I knew that I had to stick with this guy no matter what. He doesn't care about fame. He doesn't care about all the fluff. He simply wants people to meet Jesus through theologically rich music. He understands the issues and dilemmas facing the worship world today. He gets it. And he is one of the few worship leaders I know who is just as concerned with the theological accuracy of the music as he is with the sound of it."

Robert Johnson, Discipleship Pastor, Allen, TX

"Craig brings a transparent, and more importantly a Biblical approach to worship. Whether it is just him and his guitar, or his entire band there is no singing of songs, but authentic worship of a Holy God. Simply stated, that is his Response." 

Jake Tubbs, Pastor, Garland, TX