Keeping in mind everything previously stated, we can have a much clearer and intentional worship service.  There is a large variety of songs we sing that are diverse in musical styles as well as lyrics.  The lyrics are found in truth.  The songs teach us and are vast in the ways in which they connect with people.  They encompass a wide range of emotions and reflect the character of God.  The musicians play them to their greatest ability and with creativity.  We pray together as one and also for one another.  Perhaps we read a communal prayer out loud as a congregation.  We know how to pray for the people seen around us.  The people around us are cared for both spiritually and physically.  There is an order to the service that ultimately leads people in a response to God.  We learn together, love together, grow together, and respond together and also to each other each time we congregate.  We live life knowing we exist and live solely for the glory of the great triune God we worship, who gave His son for our ransom, and who called us by His grace to a response.  Everything we do helps us to continue to respond to God in the vast number of different outlets we have, and ultimately with our entire lives.  When we encounter even the smallest portion of who God is, we cannot help but live life in an awe-full response.